Life On The Farm

Our adventures (and misadventures) while living the "farm-life" in rural Northwest Georgia on a 130+ year old farm.

Hello and thanks for stopping by... I'm Susan, a Southern girl, through and through.  My husband Rick and I have done a lot of traveling during our married life, we always were drawn back to the South.  Rick transferred to several different cities/states during his early years with his company and, of course, I was along for the journey.  After the last few years living in the D.C. area, we had a chance to move back South and we jumped at the chance.  Rick bought his own business (still with the company he had been with all those years).  We were coming "home."

Celtic Acres Farm (d/b/a Our Painted Farmhouse) is located exactly halfway between Atlanta, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee in the small town of Adairsville.  The area is filled with history and still has small town charm.

After so many years of moving around, we wanted to settle down and put down roots.  A simpler lifestyle was high on our to-do list.  Little did we know that finding the farm would take a LOT of work to get it back to a simple state to soothe mind, body and spirit.

After 2-1/2 years of hard-work to complete the renovation, we had a small farmhouse, on acreage, that we set about transforming further into a homestead.   We have natural springs that converge on our property that provide all of our pure, clean water.  We added solar to offset the electric costs. We planted a garden.  We brought in bee hives.  And, we began rescuing abused, neglected and unwanted animals.

Our farm is our sanctuary.  No matter what is going on in the world, when we close the doors at the end of the day, we can truly say we are "home."

We look forward to getting to know everyone and share bits and pieces of our life-on-the-farm.  Thank you for stopping by and joining us in this adventure...