What’s Two More, Really?

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“You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth.” – Psalm 104:14

On “The-Books” a few days ago, a friend (who also works at my Vet’s office) posted a photo of two pigs that had escaped their home and had to be corralled.  I thought, “awwww, cute pigs.”   Little did I know that, in less than forty-eight hours, those “cute pigs” would be making their way to the farm.  Have I mentioned I am a pushover for a sad story?

I won’t bore you (or enflame you) with the reasons behind the pigs needing to be re-homed (it is a story that makes me go all “hulk” and you won’t like me when I’m angry.)  Suffice it to say that the local-yokel powers that be interjected their own narrow biased opinions on the situation and made threats that would prove to the previous owner that continuing the relationship would be detrimental to her and the livestock.

I received a message asking if I knew anyone who could take them – did I mention they were a package deal?  They had been rescued and raised together from infancy and were now around six months old and were dependent on one another.  One is a Thai (he looks like an anteater) and the other is a Vietnamese Potbelly.

I forwarded the message on to my husband and went on with my day.  I mean, really, do we need any more animals here?   That evening, as we were getting ready for bed, I mentioned the message and we began chatting.  My husband said, “at this point, what’s two more, really?”

I contacted my friend, who contacted another friend, and we all began chatting about the situation that necessitated the rehoming and how I would be a hero if I could do this thing.  I have never sought out or wanted to be a hero – that is not why I do the things I do when it comes to animals.   I love all animals and will not stand idly by when someone is hurting, abusing or neglecting an animal.  What have I gotten myself into this time?   * heavy-sigh *   Have I mentioned I’m a pushover for a sad story?  I have, haven’t I?

And, just like that, a truck arrived with two large crates and two new pigs.  We off-loaded them both into the pasture and when their little feet hit the pasture, the two pigs went full-on Tasmanian Devil and ran, and ran, and ran, and … well, you get the idea.  They had plenty of room to explore and they wanted to touch every single inch of it in the shortest amount of time.

You must understand, there are also goats in this pasture and…another pig, all of which wanted no part of these two additions.  These two little pigs were running – not chasing – just running but the goats were terrified and trying to get away from them.  The pigs thought it was a game.  I do have to admit, it was a little funny until the smaller of the two decided to announce his presence with authority and he attacked our docile (fat and docile) pig.  A squeal-fest ensued, and the other new pig jumped into the fray as well.

We steered our older pig into the back yard and left the two new pigs in the pasture.   They were back to exploring, running and frolicking in no time flat.  They found a patch of clover and you would have thought they discovered a stash of crack or something.

The goats were staying clear of the two pigs – wherever the pigs were, the goats were somewhere else.  We thought things would settle down as it got later in the evening since it was a rainy night in Georgia but, sadly, we discovered on Sunday that this was not the case.

We found a huge area of disturbed ground (just mud from all the rain) on the pasture side fence adjacent to the back yard.  There was further disturbed ground on the inside of the back yard.   Quite a mess, for sure.  The fencing was pushed up and you could tell something had tunneled under the fence.  When we did a head-count, the smaller pig – did I mention his name is Axel?  How cute is that?  Axel was missing!

We spent ALL day Sunday searching for Axel.  We posted “missing” messages on “The-Books” and the Vet’s office was also posting, sharing and helping in the search.  We walked, we drove, we scoured, we knocked on doors, we made phone calls but, sadly, no Axel.

We were heartbroken as we had been entrusted with these pigs to save them from a deathly fate.  We prayed for help, we prayed for mercy, we prayed that the pig would be safe and would find his way back to his new home.

And, this morning, I found Axel.  A lot worse for wear – he had been viciously attacked by something – but he is back home with us.  We are going to keep him separate, for now, as he is going to need some medical care and some time to heal.  I gave him food and water and he ate and drank so… that’s a good sign…

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped in whatever way you did – sharing the messages, making phone calls, sharing to your personal pages, tagging folks that might be able to help.   It took a village to get Axel back home and I appreciate each person that took part in that journey.  

“And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds”…”  - Genesis 1:24

Embrace Life!


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