We Bought A Farm, Part I

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For those who may not know, we own a farm(ette).  When we purchased the property with a 130+ year old abandoned farmhouse, we were not thinking about farming, or animals, or any of the things you associate with farms.  We were thinking about saving a piece of history.   It was a long journey as we did most of the work ourselves but, in the end, it was so worth the effort.

About a year after we had moved in, we were made aware of two goats that were in someone’s front yard, in a small area without grass, tied to cinder blocks.  This was not the life for any of God’s creatures!  At the time, our pasture fencing was as dilapidated as the house had been when we bought it and would not corral any livestock.

We were already rescuers of unwanted, abused and neglected cats, dogs and chickens so branching out to larger animals was not a huge leap but definitely a bigger commitment.  While we were trying to decide how to approach this whole situation, the person with the goats called us and asked if we could take them.  All it takes is an open heart for God to work through you.

“For it is God who is working in you both to will and to work according to his good purpose.” Philippians 2:13 

We worked on creating a section of the pasture so the goats would have grass, shade, shelter and plenty of room to roam.  After securing a perimeter, the goats arrived at their new house.  They were so skittish and unsure of us as they had experienced no real interaction with anyone in quite a while.  We found out that one had been part of a disreputable petting zoo and the other had been neglected. 

Gertie & Bea


Once the goats arrived, the farm started to take shape in the more traditional “farm” sense…

see you in the next blog post for more of the story…

Embrace Life!


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