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I really do not remember the exact day I woke up and said, “Hey, I think I’m going to start a cbnb.”   If you are unfamiliar with a cbnb just imagine searching for the perfect get-away vacation destination at a luscious Airbnb… got it?   Now, imagine you are a snake looking for a perfect resting spot… got it?   That is evidently what I have – a Coopbnb.  My chicken coop has become the new hot spot for snakes to relax in the rafters.  

Over the last several weeks, I have gone to the chicken coop to feed the chickens and ducks and, in the rafters (the same corner, actually), there has been a snake wrapped in upon himself to fit into the spot.  I do know he is approximately 8 feet long since the first time I found him in the coop, I called my hubby to relocate him to the other side of the pond.  When he picked him up and held him out, he stretched out much taller than my hubby. 

 Relocation does not work with him, though.  He has been back several times over the last few weeks… getting fatter and longer in the process.  Thankfully, I still have the same number of chickens and ducks as before.  I do not even mind if non-poisonous snakes live on the farm.  They are good for the overall ecosystem of farm life if they do not bother my poultry.

 This morning, he was all up in the rafters, for sure.  I think he even gave me a sly grin when I snapped one of the photos.  He may have posed but he had no intention of leaving.  I retrieved the feed, took it out into the run for the chickens and ducks and left him to his slumber…

 Is there anything around your house that you “tolerate” but don’t necessarily love?   Here on the farm, there are so many things with snakes and coyotes being at the top of that list.   It truly is the circle-of-life on a farm.


 **Disclaimer** not the best photos but I didn't want to get too close - when I zoomed in I lost some of the clarity - better safe than sorry.

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